What is Robotic Process Automation (RPA)?

Increase accuracy & improve efficiency of low-level tasks to liberate your workforce to do more high-value work

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Robotic Process Automation vs. Intelligent Process Automation

Our approach to Robotic Process Automation

It all starts with data

We ingest, acquire, and organize your data. We teach machines how to learn your processes. We play an integral role throughout the process, deploying our UnifAI™ Platform ingesting structured and unstructured data and organizing it with our human in the loop application. The final result is knowledge graph that’s trustworthy, accurate and easy to deploy for intelligent process automation. Saving you time, money and a few headaches along the way.

The fall of machine

Human in the Loop
Augmented Intelligence

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses who want to leverage RPA is getting all your data together. Fortunately, Attrio’s intelligent RPA is capable of taking any data in any format from multiple sources. That means your Excel files, Word docs and CSV exports can all be used.

How Attrio Works

The Benefits of Intelligent Process Automation

Conquer change, with an RPA system that adapts to new information

Trusted AI

Attrio trusted Ai utilizes human in the loop and model visualization, inspection and assessment making our AI more explainable, trustworthy, and safe use in the enterprise.

Process intelligence

robotics without intelligence are not effective, they’re simply not smart enough. We deliver process intelligence, the next-generation process mining, AI assisted, constantly learning.

Data First

Our Robotic process automation starts with ingesting, acquiring, and organizing your data – structured and unstructured data from any source in any format.

Analysis Automation

Intelligent process is dynamic, always learning, observing and optimizing process applications. Attrio process intelligence will help to discover new insights into potential risks, inefficiencies and uncover opportunities for process improvements. .

Our Clients Get Amazing Results

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Marketing Lift

European Telco

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Savings in developing
business insights

European bank

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Savings in uploading content for online shopping network

European E-commerce Company

RPA for e-commerce
A different approach to AI

Expert Advice & Ongoing Support

We believe AI is a wonderful tool, but it’s still in it’s infancy. Just like any student, AI needs good teachers to correct undesired behaviours, re-enforce correct outcomes and build trust. That’s why our AI tools are always paired with a Success Manager for ongoing advice and support.

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