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AI experts

Let our human in the AI loop show you.

Give us your data from any source in any format, and we’ll give you results to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

We are a science-based team of researchers, professors, education and industry leader that apply real knowledge and experience in the field of AI, machine learning and neural networks. We combine this with extensive international experience in business leadership, change management and entrepreneurship. We provide real solutions, not fluffy AI concepts that do not deliver.

Let’s face it, investing in AI is not trivial, it’s not an out of the box solution and can get easily out of hand and out of budget. We take the guess work out of every project by our on-board process. Our policy is to turn down projects if we do not believe we cannot deliver on time, on budget with a clearly articulated set of deliverables in advance.

Attrio team

John Stevenson

Managing Director
Customer Relations/Business Development

Anh Truong

Managing Director
Technology and Development

Wojtek Hoch

Managing Director
Operations and Integrations

Massimo Ruffolo

Scientific Advisor

Linda Oro

Scientific Advisor

Fausto Pupo

Business Development

Umberto Scilinguo

Product Development


Our advisors are highly respected in their respective fields, based internationally.