Attrio AI Healthcare Solution

Transform unstructured medical data into a usable and AI ready format. Unlock the potential of your medical data to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

Attrio IQ platform

Data in Context, but Smarter

Data Acquisition

Unstructured data is by definition difficult to read and accounts for over 80% of health care data. It includes doctor’s notes, diagnostic imaging, socio-demographic data, lab results, etc. Data comes from multiple sources, populating a data lake.

Then API Platform allows for the rapid ingestion of data from seemingly unrelated sources. It can integrate with existing sources supporting seamless integration

Data Labeling and Annotation

Attrio’s “human in the loop” process allows for rapid data annotation process. We utilize an international team of medical subject matter experts to ensure accurate data labeling and annotation creating structured, usable data sets.

Attrio IQ predictive models

Attrio’s IQ Solutions gives you the ability to create predictive models using the data just prepared.

Our IQ Solution houses the medical data in context in a knowledge graph connecting and organizing data relationships that provide near real-time predictive insights. Our knowledge graph is a programmatic way we model a “knowledge domain” with the help of subject-matter experts, data interlinking, and machine learning algorithms.

A different approach to AI

Expert Advice & Ongoing Support

Healthcare data is valuable only if it can be used. Unfortunately, 80% of medical data is unstructured and is often discarded due to it’s complexity to process. If you believe your healthcare data can be used to improve patient outcomes, or reduce costs we can help.