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Attrio’s Data In Context augments your decisions – improving accuracy, speed, and providing context

We are never going back to the way it was before: Social distancing, working remotely, more data (growing at a rate of 64% per month), massive staff reductions. More than ever, effective data management will be the difference between business success and failure.

Data is exciting. Data entry is not

Let’s face it we humans are terrible at working on tedious repetitive tasks and are prone to making many errors.

Traditional robotic process automation is not effective given the seismic changes occurring in global and local business practices and processes. Failing to fully optimize and effectively manage data and data processing costs on average 30% of your revenue.

Enable your workforce to do more

At Attrio, we take the repetitive, mundane tasks and automate them, saving you time and eliminating errors.

Our AI Robotic Process Automation (RPA) end to end solution integrates and organizes all your data seamlessly on one platform driving increased workforce productivity up to 45% within weeks of implementation.

Increase your workforce productivity & reveal novel business insights

Leverage Hyperautomation to automate processes and data analysis

Accelerate Business Executive & Leap Frog Your Competition with our AI Robotic Work-force Multiplier

Automate —
repetitive tasks

Maximize your productivity, eliminating costly, error prone human processing. Improve your consumers online experience with intuitive NLP processing. Automate vendor management processing and pricing change requests with our application that is continuously learning.

Our Intelligent Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots are self-learning that leverage a human in the loop to help them continuously improve decision making for faster execution.

Knowledge really is power with UnifAI™

Automate —
data analysis

Companies have a wealth of information coming from a variety of online, offline structured and unstructured sources, but over 60% of it is not used at all and the rest is not organized effectively. Our UnifAI™ Platform is able to quickly collect, label, categorize and connect millions of data points and organize them into a knowledge graph.

Let our platform uncover novel business insights that would otherwise be impossible to determine and let your human workforce leverage this new information to gain a continuous competitive advantage.

How Intelligent Robotic Process Automation Works

Our Data In Context AI Solution integrates the entire process from data gathering, organizing, it comes with models and API’s for immediate deployment across your organization.

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Data Gathering

Its starts with ingesting, acquiring, and organizing your data. We teach machines how to learn your processes. We play an integral role throughout the process, deploying our unifAi™ Platform ingesting structured and unstructured data and organizing it with our human in the loop application. The final result is knowledge graph that’s trustworthy, accurate and easy to deploy for intelligent process automation. Saving you time, money and a few headaches along the way.

Beyond Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Trusted AI - predictable, explainable, so you can understand how decisions are made.

Our AI Robotic Process Automation bots are trusted, predictable, build on a solid verified knowledge graph you can understand how decisions are made. the unifAi™ plaftorm utilizes a human in the loop and model visualization, inspection and assessment in order to rapidly learn and apply machine intelligence for continuous process automation augmentation.

Why intelligent process automation? It is because robotics without intelligence are not effective, they’re simply not smart enough. We deliver the next generation of bots that are AI assisted and constantly learning.


Analytics & Attribution

With a library of all your business data and gained experience from the RPA tasks, the Attrio process intelligence platform will help to discover new insights into potential risks, inefficiencies and uncover opportunities for process improvements. Additionally, it's able to provide insights and make associations; helping your teams identify cost reduction & revenue opportunities, overlapping customer groups, and relevant associations

Data In Context Health Solutions

Built by academic experts; supported by health professionals

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Dynamic pricing
Campaign optimization
360° Customer View


Entrprise grade RPA

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fraud detection
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A different approach to AI

Expert Advice & Ongoing Support

We believe AI is a wonderful tool, but it’s still in it’s infancy. Just like any student, AI needs good teachers to correct undesired behaviours, re-enforce correct outcomes and build trust. That’s why our AI tools are always paired with a Success Manager for ongoing advice and support.

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