Is your healthcare
data AI ready?

Our rapid annotation and labeling process makes structured & unstructured data AI ready

Help my Hospital save lives with AI

Looking to
reduce post op
mortality rate?

Predict the risk of postoperative deterioration & complications in real time.

Help my Hospital save lives with AI

Managing your
financial risk

Automatically suggest preventative measures for high risk patients, minimizing potential liability costs.

Help my Hospital save lives with AI
Transforming medical data into lifesaving tools

We harness & enrich medical data, enabling AI powered tools to improve patient outcomes and reduce costs.

The field of medicine has always relied on data to guide diagnosis and decision making. Attrio combines decades of medical knowledge, historical patient outcomes with individual medical charts, images & records to provide accurate diagnostics assistance in real-time.

How the AttrioIQ Platform works

Harness the predictive power of AI & provide 360 degrees health care insights


We take all your medical data including medical records, handwritten notes, and medical images & video and consolidate it into a single data set.


We enrich your data with external medical knowledge transforming it into a patient specific knowledge-base ready for machine learning.


Predictive and prescriptive insights are readily accessible from your medical knowledge base to help reduce costs and improve patient outcomes

A Wealth of Medical Knowledge

Our medical models have been trained using data from Harvard, MIT, Boston Children’s Hospital & more

Patient records




Data points


Our Healthcare Experience

A different approach to AI

Expert Advice & Ongoing Support

Healthcare data is valuable only if it can be used. Unfortunately, 80% of medical data is unstructured and is often discarded due to it’s complexity to process. If you believe your healthcare data can be used to improve patient outcomes, or reduce costs we can help.

Meet our Medical AI Team

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